What color is mustard?

what colour is mustard

One of the most popular colors in our Pintyplus chalk finish spray paint is ‘mustard’, but what shade actually is mustard?

The most popular mustard in the world is French’s yellow mustard, and in Spain where Pintyplus in manufactured the best-selling branded mustard is Heinz Yellow Mustard (see above).

pintyplus mustard spray chalk paint

This variation in mustards sometimes causes confusion with our cultural expectations of ‘mustard’ not quite aligning with the popularity of mustards across the world. So we thought we’d put together some examples of items that have been sprayed with Pintyplus mustard spray chalk paint.

Please bear in mind these photos are only intended as an indicator and you may see photos slightly differently depending on your computer monitor settings or the way your phone screen has been calibrated.

You’ll also find a slight variation in the finished results of your project depending on the base color you start with (dark wood versus white for instance).

glass jar sprayed with chalk paint

basket sprayed with pintyplus mustard spray chalk paint

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