Pintyplus Chalk spray paint Pintyplus

Chalk paint has become fashionable in recent years and it is not by chance. With very few resources and without having to be an expert, anyone can achieve an aged effect on surfaces, furniture, or other objects easily and quickly.

The vintage effect is one more decorative option than other well-known ones can be. Chalk painting has actively participated in the vintage fever of recent years, as the aged effect is typical of this decorative style.

In short, we have an inexpensive, easy-to-use paint that is suitable for one of the styles with the most followers of the present. It was unquestionable that chalk paint was going to succeed and that it was essential to formulate it also in spray form.

Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint is one of our flagship products for this reason. We were right with this paint when it was just a rumor and, even more so, because we have been the first spray paint brand that has been able to spray chalk paint with the technical difficulties that this entails. 

Even today there are difficulties to take that step, difficulties that we solved a long time ago and that have allowed us to offer our public an even faster and more effective solution for Shabby-Chic, Vintage Decoration, DIY.

Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint is a range of paints consisting of twenty references: seventeen solid colors in an ultra-matte finish, a wax, a primer, and a varnish. The tonality of the colors is pastel, suitable for Shabby Chic, Vintage Decoration, and other similar styles.

This product has excellent technical characteristics: it is a high-pressure spray with great coverage; in a single layer the desired surface will be covered. In addition, it is formulated on a water-based basis and hardly smells, being a very comfortable product to use and that can be used indoors. It dries very fast and achieves the same silky effect as if it is done with a brush, but faster and easier. And finally, it can be sanded with ease, a technical feature that is essential for the type of job it needs to perform.

Applications for the chalk finish paint Pintyplus

Allows decorating easily multiple surfaces in order to give a vintage touch to your objects. Ideal on wood, melamine, canvas, iron, plastic, cardboard, and even on glass. As it does not contain aggressive solvents, it does not attack the expanded polystyrene.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 520/400ml.
  • Spreading = 2 m2.
  • Drying time in 20 minutes, total drying in 1 hour.
  • Repainted with the same paint 1 hour.
  • Repainted with other paint 24 hours.


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