Painting on wood with chalk spray paint: tile tray

There is no doubt that the painting chalk paint is fashionable when renewing your decor. If you have not yet tried, do not miss this video tutorial for painting on wood with chalk and spray paint on a layup decorative tiles.

The chalk paint spray differs from other paints that include calcium carbonate among its ingredients. This feature provides very good adhesion on virtually any surface. It also has other features that make it the star to renew painting furniture:

  • Its porosity allows perspiration to wood.
  • The dusty appearance and pastel colors.
  • The spray format has a smooth finish and covers one pass.

chalk-paint-spray-Pintyplus-turquoise (1)

To check both just you have to watch this video tutorial on how to decorate a wooden tray with chalk paint.


The materials you will need are:


Tile tray step by step.

To decorate this wooden tray just you have to follow the video tutorial Workshop Ire:

First, paint it with spray paint chalk. For this, shake the spray for one minute after listening to the mixing balls. Apply thin layers of paint to cover the entire surface, maintaining a distance of 25/30 cm.


In just 15 minutes the paint is dry and you can sand the surface to give a vintage look to the tray. In addition, sanding will get extra softness and silky touch much.


After removing the resulting dust from sanding, we recommend applying wax or spray varnish to protect the paint. Then the surface of the tray with adhesive vinyl tile be decorated.


Painting on wood with chalk spray pain.

A number of recommendations and tips you should know when painting on wood with chalk paint:

  • If it`s a new timber that has never been treated with wax, oil or varnish, begins with a sanding to match the surface. Moreover, after applying the first coat of paint, sanding the surface with very fine sandpaper to remove hair from wood.
  • When wood is rich in tannins (fir, cedar, mahogany ..) should be applied primer spray before painting with chalk paint. In this way, you will avoid stains on the paint due to its porosity. In the following link, you will find more information on how to paint a wood rich in tannins.
  • If the wood has a high gloss varnish, sand the surface before applying paint chalk to improve adherence.
  • Be especially careful when painting antique furniture, as it can produce what is called “bleeding”. Bleeding is a pinkish spot that appears after applying paint and due to the reaction with dyes and varnishes that were used for decades. To fix must first apply a primer sealant.
  • It`s always recommended to apply varnish or wax as a finish. Because of its porosity, chalk paint can stain easily and thus avoid it.


We hope that this video tutorial and tips for painting on wood with chalk paint spray will be useful in your DIY projects.

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