Original gift: a treasure box with Pintyplus spray

The date arrives and you don’t know what to give. Oh no! And you think, as always, in making an original gift. Give experiences? Give a star? I give a dog? No, better something is done by me. But why have not you done it before? By the time, by desire, by not having an idea or not knowing how to do it. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make an original gift quickly and easily: a treasure box with Pintyplus spray.

The advantage of this type of gifts is that they are easy to make and cheap to make. In addition, they have an added value compared to any gift we can buy: we have done it ourselves, with our own hands, with enthusiasm and a lot of love.

In just 5 steps we will teach you how to make a treasure box for your daughter or son. In short, a gift for a child.




  • Scrapbooking paper.
  • Spray Pintyplus Aqua different colors.
  • A shoe box (size to choose according to needs).
  • Basics of cut and paste.

How to make a treasure box in 5 steps:

1º. Paint the box with a white layer.

The first thing we are going to do is give the box a white layer to have a neutral base. We will do it with Pintyplus Aqua white. Remember that Aqua Sprays don’t generate only dust and, therefore, you can do it anywhere inside your house.

2º.- Paint side stripes:

Once the first layer is dry, we will decorate the sides of the box by painting side stripes. We will cover the areas that we don’t want to paint by hooking the paper in such a way that, when we uncover, we have painted the stripes. How we are working with cardboard we recommend using washi paper. This paper has removable adhesive and thus we will make sure that, when unhooking, we don’t take small pieces of cardboard. So, once covered the area that we do not want to paint, we will proceed to apply the aqua spray of the color that we like the most:

3º.- Paint moles with stickers:

If we want to paint with moles, we will use stickers. First, we will paint the side with the color we want the moles to be painted. Then we will hook the stickers. Wherever they are, it will be where the moles are painted. Once this is done, we will paint the background in a different color. When we remove them stickers, the moles will appear the color of the first layer. We recommend removing them seconds after having applied the second layer to avoid damaging the cardboard:

4º.- Prepare a cover with Scrapbooking paper:

We have prepared a cover with Scrapbooking paper. Our pintypluser Judy Scrap has prepared a cover with a picture of her son to make a very personal treasure box, but think that you can do what you want. Give your imagination free rein!


5º.- Cover your treasure box:

To finish, you can cover your treasure box with matt adhesive paper so that this box will last a lifetime to the one to whom you have given it.

What makes it easy to create an original gift? Surely this treasure box will like very much the lucky or the lucky to whom you give it. You will save money, have fun doing it and, most importantly, give something created by yourself or by yourself, full of your love and your good intention.
We hope you enjoyed our tutorial and that you have learned how to make an original gift. You can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, in addition to this blog.

Pintypluser: Judy Scrap