How to get great results spray painting

How many times have we did not have to paint an object with a spray paint bottle and we did not achieve the desired finish. This depends on several factors such as the surfaces to be painted, the type of paint, and the technique. Let’s see how to spray paint and be victorious.

Formulation of paints
At Pintyplus we have different types of finish or characteristics depending on the product family used.
The paints in the Evolution range are more focused on painting surfaces that require fast drying for their operation. Available in glossy, satin, and matte RAL colors for maintenance, DIY, DIY, professional, or for painting decorative objects.
Pintyplus Basic is the all-rounder of aerosol paints, among other things, because it paints everything. It is formulated in bright, satin, and matte vivid colors. It adheres very well to any surface, has a lot of flexibility once dry, is resistant, and is extraordinary in value for money.

Pintyplus Home, a paint created to paint all the elements of your house. Covers any surface. Formulated with water-based resins, it does not smell, it is comfortable and easy to use because it does not sag. And it is very profitable: it covers up to three square meters. Paint can be removed if you wash it off with water in the first few minutes of application. Not stain. Its trend colors are chosen by professionals in the world of decoration and have a matte finish.
Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint, also known as chalk paint, used in the world of vintage or shabby chic decoration. It has a silky-looking ultra-matte finish in pastel shades.
Pintyplus Aqua, the small-format water-based paint for large projects, with bright and cheerful matte colors, great performance, and excellent profitability.
Depending on the type of paint and its formulation, we must respect the recommendations for use and the times between applications to obtain a perfect result.

The material for painting, the primer, and the varnish

As we have already commented in other posts, the primer is an element of high importance, and it is highly recommended that we paint the surface we paint. Helps to set and gives a better finish. In many cases, it seals pores, so the paint will not be lost inside the object and we will avoid an inaccurate or irregular finish.
And just as important is “how we started” as “how we finished.” A good varnish will help us protect the painting from inclement weather and the passage of time.

How to spray paint and be victorious

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is a recommended spray distance for each type of paint. Some are most effective at 20 centimeters away from the object and others are at 30. Distance from the object is important to avoid sags and to achieve uniform coverage.
It is advisable to apply thin and uniform layers, starting a few centimeters before the start of the object and ending outside so as not to concentrate paint at any point on the surface. It is recommended to make the first pass horizontally and the second vertically or vice versa. For a perfect finish, it is very important to respect the drying and repainting times.

With DIY and spray paint patience is a virtue. The rush does not bring anything good and usually worsens the finishes.

So now you know with these tips you will surely have the finishes you are looking for from Pyntiplus and its wide range of products.

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