Pintyplus Home, the spray paint for our environment and for our home

Pintyplus Home, the spray paint for our environment and for our home is a spray paint specially designed to paint any object in your home. It is formulated on a water basis, without aggressive solvents; the colors are not very strident and chosen by decoration professionals; its performance is excellent: all that has been said has a reason, to create the perfect spray paint to paint indoors…

The spray paint Pintyplus Home has been specifically created to paint all the objects from your house. Sections of walls, gates, doors, and windows even furniture and decorative objects. Suitable for all the surfaces. Formulated with water-based resins, low odor, pleasant, and easy to use with no runs. It is cost-effective: covers up to 3m². You can remove the paint in the first minutes before it starts drying. No more stains besides the desired painted object. 

Brings a triple value: 

  • Makes easier the use of spray paint in interiors: during spraying reduces to a minimum the splashes avoiding the staining of the area where you paint.
  • Maximum respect towards the people and the environment. Low odor during and after applying the paint, almost imperceptible.
  • The election of the color range is aligned with the present and future tendencies of the world of interior decoration.

Everything in its favor to become the perfect spray paint to paint in your house.    

Where to apply the spray paint Pintyplus HOME 

Spray paint especially created so the process of painting can become something usual in your house. It’s applications are almost infinite, mentioning objects of medium size like sections of walls, doors, windows and as well as common pieces of furniture like cabinets, sideboards, cupboards, headboards, tables or chairs; decorative objects of all type like clay figures, frames, vases or even textiles such as small carpets or decorative pillows. 

List of materials where Pintyplus HOME can be applied

1. Wood in general, MDF, chipboard panels, wood veneers.
2. Glass, clay, ceramics, and tiles (with the previous layer of Pintyplus Universal Primer).
3. Paper, cardboard or paper-faced foam board, rubber, cork, and foams in genera, Styrofoam, etc.
4. Vegetable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, etc.
5. Felt.
6. Methacrylate and polycarbonate.
7. Metals (except aluminum).
8. Hard plastics, rigid-transparent-flexible PVC, and Forex (with previous Pintyplus Plastic Primer).
9. Soft plastic, nets, and bags made of polyethylene, cellular polypropylene, and Porex (expanded polystyrene).
10. Textiles such as wool, linen or cotton, felt, etc.

Technical characteristics for Pintyplus HOME

  • 400ml format size cans.
  • Matte colors
  • Spreading = 3m²
  • Drying time: 1 hour. (15 minutes for porous surfaces).
  • Repainted: after 30 minutes. 
  • Excellent adhesion on wood, rope, methacrylate, cork, polystyrene, carbon, and stainless steel.
  • Low level of odor
  • No runs.

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