How to paint a metal watering can with spray paint

The watering can is a very popular item lately. Perhaps because of the pandemic situation, we have lived through; many people have dedicated a lot of time to the care of plants or gardens, to get in touch with nature in a time when it has not been easy to do so.
The singer Gisela, ambassador of the brand Pintyplus, has optimized her metal watering can with spray paint. She has also varnished and primed and the result has been very
satisfactory for her.
Spray paint offers quick, easy, and fun applications. It is a perfect product for DIY, crafts, or decoration. In this project, Gisela has primed the watering can, then painted it, and finally
varnished it.

Material for painting a metal watering can with spray paint

  •  Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based Primer
  • Pintyplus Evolution Acrylic paint in spray
  • Pintyplus Evolution Acrylic Varnish

Step 1: Clean the surface and tape the areas that we do not want to paint.

Anyone who intends to explain how to spray paint can not get tired of advising users to clean the surface well before spraying. Gisela has cleaned the watering can with a cloth, and then taped it randomly to leave traces of the object unpainted and thus achieve an
original effect at the end of the process.

Step 2: Prime the metal Surface with spray.

Pintyplus Evolution water-based primer is comfortable to use, does not smell, is more friendly with the environment and the user, and will achieve the level of anchorage and adhesion that is needed to paint on a metal surface. It is advisable to spray from a distance of 20 or 25 cm, applying thin and even layers. It will be necessary to let it dry for one hour for the primer to dry completely.

Step 3: Spray paint on a handle or knob

Once the primer is dry, we can paint with Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based. Gisela has chosen the glossy color jet black RAL 9005. RAL colors are very common in this type of home project to paint objects in the garden, balcony, house, etc. Before painting, we will shake the aerosol vigorously for one minute. Then, spray at a distance of about 30 cm, applying thin and uniform coats. The long-term performance of this paint is excellent: great adherence, anchorage, resistance, color preservation, and hardness. During the application, we will realize that as it is formulated in a water base we don’t have odors and it is very comfortable to use. Once we have painted the watering can, we will let the paint dry properly.

Step 4: Apply glossy varnish in spray Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based

The acrylic spray varnish Pintyplus Evolution Water Based is formulated in a water base and is very easy to use and very comfortable. The varnish is used to protect objects from weather elements, hits, and erosion. It is always advisable to varnish, and even more so when the objects are exposed to handling and outdoor conditions. Gisela is aware of these particularities and decided to varnish her watering can. Apply the glossy acrylic spray varnish from a distance of 25 cm in thin and uniform layers, first vertically and then horizontally. Painting a metallic surface with spray paint is easy with Pintyplus. The result has been magnificent. Painting with spray paint is a different experience. People who try it for the first time almost always repeat it. And if someone like Gisela teaches you how to paint and decorate, you want to try it even more!

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