Create a picture that holds magnets for your trips with Pintyplus Art

We want to create a space similar to the one we all have on our fridge with magnets from our travels, but we want it to be special and not be in the kitchen. For this, we are going to use spray paint from the Pintyplus Art range to create a picture that can hold magnets. You will see that it is super simple and it is a very successful DIY to decorate small corners of our home.

What we need to paint our picture holds magnets

Clean the surface and paint

The first thing we will do is clean the surface so that the paint adheres correctly and lasts much longer.
Once clean we can tape to leave white margins. The more passes, the greater the thickness and the greater resistance to the heavier magnets. You have to let 5 minutes pass between layers.

Is it necessary to move the can before painting?

Yes, it is essential. We will move the can for 1 minute, shaking vigorously so that the components of the paint mix and the paint comes out evenly. Once this is done we can start painting with strokes that go beyond the object at a distance of about 30 cm.
If we see that there are nooks left uncovered, we can make more passes, but not bring the boat closer than the recommended distance. In this way, we will prevent the paint from hanging and leaving us with an unwanted finish.


Once the project is finished, this is the incredible result, with the magnets from our trips decorating the entrance of the house.

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