How to make a handmade key hanger

Today we are going to tell you how to make a handmade key hanger with wood, decorative flowers, and Pintyplus spray paint from the Evolution Water-Based range.

What we need for our handmade key hanger

The ingredients are the following:

  • Wooden cutout letters with the word Home
  • as many threaded hooks as keys, we want to hang
  • wood for the support
  • Decorative flowers according to the paint that we will use
  • Two jars of the colors that we like the most from the Pintyplus Evolution Water-based range
  • To glue, we will use a silicone gun

The first thing we will do is paint the base with the color we want to use as a base. once dry we will make a gradient in the lower part with the second color. This is the same one that we will use in the letters. Once dry we will stick them with the silicone gun to the base.

Now it’s time to decorate with the flowers hitting with the same gun. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Finally, we insert the hooks where we will hang the keys in the lower part of the base and we can now hang it on the wall.

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