Novasol Spray S.A., the company that manufactures and distributes the Pintyplus spray paint brand, celebrates 40 years.

Novasol Spray S.A., the company that manufactures and distributes the Pintyplus spray paint brand, celebrates 40 years.

This year 2021 Novasol Spray S.A., the company that invents, manufactures, and distributes the Pintyplus spray paint brand, celebrates 40 years.
Four decades are many and more in a business like this. Forty years ago aerosols were unknown among consumers. They had just arrived in the world and nobody believed that they could be of great use, rather an object dedicated to small touch-ups, simple things that did not require much quality, although it is true that the spray has been gaining fame over the years. only as of the packaging of chemical products: nowadays, and as is known by all, many different types of aerosol elements are distributed: cosmetics, insecticides, food, etc., apart from paints, oils, greases, varnishes, primers, and others.

History of Novasol Spray SA

The spray is a product that makes life easier for the consumer, saving time, energy and facilitating jobs that, made using other supports, cost more. The specialty of our company is, since its inception, the packaging of aerosol paint. First, we did it under the mythical Spray Color brand, which occupied the first shelves of hardware stores when the union of spray and paint was not known.

Then the Pintyplus brand was founded, which is now widely recognized in various fields of application: professional, home, DIY, DIY, crafts, Fine Arts, Graffiti, decoration, etc. In Spain and in the rest of the world we distribute 8 million units, growing year after year in a constant and sustained way.

Under the Pintyplus brand, we currently distribute all kinds of spray paints. Our emblem is the ease of use, quality, and accessibility, thus conforming to the mission of our brand: to devise, manufacture and distribute spray paint for any use and within the reach of any user.

Pintyplus Water Based Products Spray Paint
Our great investment and commitment to R&D have allowed us to be one of the leading spray paint brands in the world when it comes to offering our consumers a wide and versatile line of water-based products. We have four families:

Our newest family, Pintuplus Evolution Water Based acrylic paint; in bright RAL colors, with high performance and more respectful with the environment.
The Pintyplus Home range, and acrylic paint in matt colors, developed by professionals from the world of decoration so that you can paint any object in your home.
Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint, a water-based acrylic paint specially conceived for the realization of vintage projects.
Finally, Pintyplus Aqua, a small format water-based acrylic paint, with bright and cheerful colors to undertake large projects.

In addition, we have water-based varnishes and primers.
Pintyplus is a project with a past, perfectly settled in the present and looking to the future with the desire to grow. Above all, offer more products, more respectful with the environment, and maintaining current quality and accessibility for the user.