Aerosol is a technologically sustainable product

There are many myths around spray paint. Several of them are based on the fact that it is a highly polluting product, harmful to the ozone layer, that it is not recyclable … but you have to go in parts, things have changed and will continue to do so, aerosol is a technologically sustainable product.

Spray paint does not harm the ozone layer

The compounds responsible for damaging the ozone layer are CFCs, short for Chlorine, Fluorine and Carbon. Historically these compounds have been used in the aerosol industry as refrigerants or propellants. But since it is known that these compounds are so harmful to our ecosystem, the use of CFCs is prohibited in the manufacture of aerosols.

The metal container of an aerosol is disposable

Because they are made of materials such as steel or aluminum, and these materials can be recycled as many times as we want. The regulation for sprays of this nature says that they must be recycled in a yellow container. In this way, we achieve that the environmental impact of an aerosol container is minimal. Our products are packaged in this type of supports.

In short, the aerosol is a technologically sustainable product
Based on all these points, because it does not contain CFCs, because the material from which it is made is infinitely recyclable and because gases with very low environmental impact are used, we can affirm that aerosols are sustainable products and adapted to changes to be the most respectful with the environment as possible.

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