How to paint a metal furniture with Pintyplus Evolution Water Based, acrylic spray paint

Another widely used object in anyone’s house is metal furniture. Metal is a material that resists outside much better than others and that is why it is a product with so much rotation. To paint this type of furniture we can use our acrylic spray paint, Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based, which is formulated on a water basis, so it hardly smells, is very comfortable to use, and gives the painted object a lot of resistance, protection, and durability.

Material to paint metal furniture with spray paint

1st Step: Clean the surface

We never tire of indicating that it is essential to prepare the surface to be painted well before starting the project. With Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus we will have it done in a few minutes. Its rapid evaporation will save us drying times. It involves spraying the surface with the product and wiping it with a cloth or cloth to remove the dirt that our cleaner has removed so quickly.

Step 3: Paint with spray paint on metal

As our furniture is already previously painted with white paint, it will not be necessary for us to use a primer. It would have been different if we had come across an untreated metal. So, it would have been highly recommended.

We are going to paint the metal furniture with glossy RAL 9005 acrylic spray paint. It is very common to use glossy paints to paint objects that are outside because they have a greater resistance to ultraviolet rays, they get less dirty and they resist more.

First, we will shake the aerosol for a minute. With Pintyplus Evolution Water Based spray paint we will spray at a distance of about 30 cm in fine and uniform strokes. It is advisable to wait a few seconds between spray so that the paint dries.
Once we have painted the metal furniture, we will let it dry for a couple of hours before varnishing.

4th step: apply Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based matt acrylic spray varnish
What we have done is varnish with a water-based spray acrylic varnish: Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based. We spray about 25 cm from the surface in thin and uniform layers to achieve protection that increases the duration of the project.

Painting metal with spray paint is easy with Pintyplus

Pintyplus Evolution Water Based spray paint is one of the best on the market in its range of products. There are few spray paints formulated on a water basis that achieve brilliant RAL colors with such high performance.

As you can see in the video, painting metal with water-based acrylic spray paint is very easy with Pintyplus.

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