DIY projects

It`s Monday and you arrive home. A month ago you are on vacation, but today the routine is a reality from which you want to escape. You open the door: the landing. Another door: the sink. Another door: the living room. You go out and you go in! And you look at the doors, are […]

Surely sometimes you forgot where you left the car keys or the house keys. That happens because you don’t have a specific place to leave them. And let’s not talk about the tragic day when everything goes wrong,  you are in a hurry and leaving the house you leave the keys inside. In this post, […]

The importance of recycling is evident so, if you don’t want to recycle, we’ll make a mess of our planet. From the blog Masni Decoracio from Hungary we obtain this colorful and wonderful project that shows us how to recycle and paint melamine furniture having, as a result, a professional finish. This brings many positive […]

The idea is to create simple bookends from MDF and papier-mâché that can be purchased directly on line. You can also make your own if you have the tools. Materials needed to make vintage bookends MDF ( Medium-density fiberboard) or wooden boards of 20cm length. Papier-mâché craft letters. Paper glue (polybond ,pva or water base […]