Are the table clothes burned? It’s something that happens frequently: coming from work tired, preparing the meal quickly, you put the pot on the table and… No! another tablecloth burned… That’s why it’s so useful to know how to make a tablecloth. We will show you how to do it in three easy steps using […]

It`s Monday and you arrive home. A month ago you are on vacation, but today the routine is a reality from which you want to escape. You open the door: the landing. Another door: the sink. Another door: the living room. You go out and you go in! And you look at the doors, are […]

Surely sometimes you forgot where you left the car keys or the house keys. That happens because you don’t have a specific place to leave them. And let’s not talk about the tragic day when everything goes wrong,  you are in a hurry and leaving the house you leave the keys inside. In this post, […]

SteffiDo is one of our most active ambassadors, and like all of them, she can’t stop for a moment. Taking advantage of her advanced state of pregnancy, she decided to make this video in which she paints obtainig a wood frame with a shabby chic effect painting with Chalk Paint spray. In this case, it […]

The importance of recycling is evident so, if you don’t want to recycle, we’ll make a mess of our planet. From the blog Masni Decoracio from Hungary we obtain this colorful and wonderful project that shows us how to recycle and paint melamine furniture having, as a result, a professional finish. This brings many positive […]

Would you like to distinguish easily your suitcase immediately among all the others on the moving tape? Have ever taken your luggage by mistake because it was the same or similar to the others? If you don’t want to happen again, just follow this tutorial. We will show you how to customize and paint a […]

Do you want to surprise your partner with a DIY heart? Cristina teaches us how to make a heart with buttons and spray paint for Valentine’s Day. Although … for the lovers, any day is good for that. Materials to make  a heart with buttons Wooden frame White cardboard Buttons Wood letters Stencil Pintyplus Repositionable […]

Have you got an old bicycle in your shed? Why not upcycle it with this easy step by step tutorial? These are not biodegradable materials, so it’s a great way to repurpose your bicycle parts. Learn just how easy it is to make your very own bicycle wheel clock with Pintyplus Spray Chalk paint. Materials […]

Make your own garland from wooden bead with your favorite Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint. Follow this easy step by step tutorial to learn how one of our special pintyplusers SteffiDo makes this beautiful, decorative garland. Materials for DIY wooden bead garland Perforated wooden beads 2 wooden washers 4 or 5 colours of Pintyplus Chalk spray […]

This step by step tutorial shows you how to make an embossed letter Canvas from Glue and spray paint. Very effective if you have a photograph gallery wall and would like to highlight a message in the middle. Materials for embossed lettering Canvas Penart Express Glue Pintyplus Chalk spray paint Pencil Ruler Step by step […]

Pintyplus have so many beautiful spray paint colors but how to store them? In this easy tutorial we will show you how to spray paint a beer crate, perfect for organizing many spray cans. It’s an attractive and practical solution to your storage needs. Workshop Ire will show , in easy steps how to transform […]

Need a new window frame color? No need to replace them, you can give them a new look with just spray paint. Have a look at this video tutorial below on how to spray paint a window. The versatility of spray paint is endless, sometimes we forget that the more mundane features in our home […]