Those who have had small children at home will have a lot of toys that have been forgotten in a closet or box full. The best thing is to give them to someone who needs them, but if you are creative, we give you another possibility: transform a stackable toy tower into a decorative object […]

With spray paint, you can do many things. Today we will show you how to make a blackboard in 3 steps with Pintyplus spray. In addition, we decorate it with construction pieces to give it a great look. The slate paint spray is a black and matte finish. It allows to trace with chalk and […]

In this post, we are going to make a nice and personal decorative object hanging type. For this, Judy Scrap has used her son’s photo showing us that you can do very personal things with Pintyplus sprays. Therefore, the goal is going to be that: make a DIY: personalized decorative pendant. Materials: Small frame for […]

Spray painting is a tool that optimizes time and the process of painting. It’s perfect for small items. And spray paint Evolution of Pintyplus is the best in the market because it is very easy to use, ensures a professional and dry result in short time. That’s why we used to teach you how to […]

There is no doubt that the painting chalk paint is fashionable when renewing your decor. If you have not yet tried, do not miss this video tutorial for painting on wood with chalk and spray paint on a layup decorative tiles. The chalk paint spray differs from other paints that include calcium carbonate among its […]

  Surely on some occasion have appeared some yellowish or pinkish spots when painting on wood with chalk paint. If you want to know how to solve it, don’t miss this tutorial to learn how to paint wooden furniture rich in tannins with chalk paint spray. This wooden bench has a very special history as […]

Do you have any earth globe at home that the students used? If so, today we show you how to recycle a ball of the world in an original lamp. Don’t miss this practical step by step because you will love it. Surely you still keep an old ball of the world at home. With […]

  Upcycling not only benefits the environment, but it is also a way to obtain a low-cost decoration with objects that have lost their main function. This tutorial will show how to recycle the refrigerator grate to make it a decorative picture frame. Surely on more than one occasion, you have seen an abandoned refrigerator […]

Surely you have seen in American films about happy families those faces in the frames of the doors: Mickel, eleven years, one meter 50. Michael, fifteen years, one meter 70. And so the whole family, with their respective heights marked on the wood, to see the evolution upwards of the children. Do you want to […]

It shows step by step how to obtain a vintage lamp from Ikea with our Pintyplus Evolution to turn it into a DIY vintage lamp. As you can see it is very simple, professional and at the same time creative. Materials for DIY vintage lamp: A desk lamp, in this case is from Ikea. 1 […]

Do you want to have a different desk? With this idea to make own DIY pencil with wool pompoms, will get them quickly and easily. In addition, will only need recycled materials and our spray paints. With the DIY pen will give a note of color to the desk or office to differentiate the space. […]