This step by step tutorial shows you how to make an embossed letter Canvas from Glue and spray paint. Very effective if you have a photograph gallery wall and would like to highlight a message in the middle. Materials for embossed lettering Canvas Penart Express Glue Pintyplus Chalk spray paint Pencil Ruler Step by step […]

Pintyplus have so many beautiful spray paint colors but how to store them? In this easy tutorial we will show you how to spray paint a beer crate, perfect for organizing many spray cans. It’s an attractive and practical solution to your storage needs. Workshop Ire will show , in easy steps how to transform […]

Need a new window frame color? No need to replace them, you can give them a new look with just spray paint. Have a look at this video tutorial below on how to spray paint a window. The versatility of spray paint is endless, sometimes we forget that the more mundane features in our home […]

The idea is to create simple bookends from MDF and papier-mâché that can be purchased directly on line. You can also make your own if you have the tools. Materials needed to make vintage bookends MDF ( Medium-density fiberboard) or wooden boards of 20cm length. Papier-mâché craft letters. Paper glue (polybond ,pva or water base […]

We are often asked how to paint plastic objects. As you know, there are many different types of plastic. With Pintyplus primer spray for plastic you can paint most rigid plastics without the fear of cracking or flaking paint. Learn how to spray paint a plastic chair with this tutorial in only a few minutes. […]

Are you bored with your headboard colour? You would like something new but don’t want to spend too much money changing it? Well, you can give your room a fresh look in a morning or afternoon for less than €50. For a cost effective transformation, in only a few hours you can achieve this beautiful […]