What a great way to personalize all types of objects and it’s easy and inexpensive. This technique uses water as a base, float the paint on the surface and you can mix many different colour combinations . It originated from Japan, known as ink floating. It’s a very simple and fun way to create unique […]

Scrapbooking is a technique to make from photo albums or cut-outs to folders, diaries, calendars, envelopes, invitations, etc. In addition, it’s a fun craft to develop your creativity. This tutorial will show how to make an easy scrapbooking with Pintyplus Aqua, you will love it! Judy from Judyscrap shows us step by step how to […]

One of the coolest effects it was given to a furniture that we saw in the Decogarden program. An old wardrobe was transformed into a Shabby chic effect furniture with chalk finish spray paint Pintyplus, that is know as well as chalk paint. We liked very much to present the final finish that was achieved! […]

In this program, the Decogarden team presented us with this amazing radical change of all the kitchen furniture with spray paint Pintyplus. It seems incredible how we can modernize a central space, like the kitchen, with half a dozen  of spray paint boats. Step 1: The first step they made was to dismantle the doors […]

From the United Kingdom with the contribution from Jenny in her first contact with Pintyplus in which she tells us her experience when she paints a side table with chalk paint spray. Like all those who try our chalk paint spray for the first time, it´s very surprising because of the time saving and the […]

Dekorella, one of the most active #pintypluser we have in Hungary, explains how to renovate a garden furniture with spray-forge paint. In this case they took the opportunity to rejuvenate the family swing they had forgotten in the garden. The wooden crosspieces are removed to polish and varnish them. While her husband was engaged in […]

How to customize auxiliary tray-tables The tray-tables are very practical because can be assembled and disassembled in one blink of an eye. Are ideal as an extra complement in the living room or in any room. We’ll tell you how to customize a auxiliary tray-table with Pintyplus products.   Materials: However, they are all the […]

After the release of the F · R · I · E · N · D · S magnet collection, we needed to convert a surface into a place where we could hook those magnets. And taking advantage of this post we present you the paint holds magnets in a spray with metallic pigments from […]

From the bowels of summer comes this post by Mami Crafter. And we all know that at this time of the year, the fruit is an element that we all need, not only on the table, at lunchtime, but also as a decorative element. That’s why we’re going to show you how to make 3 […]

Are the table clothes burned? It’s something that happens frequently: coming from work tired, preparing the meal quickly, you put the pot on the table and… No! another tablecloth burned… That’s why it’s so useful to know how to make a tablecloth. We will show you how to do it in three easy steps using […]

It`s Monday and you arrive home. A month ago you are on vacation, but today the routine is a reality from which you want to escape. You open the door: the landing. Another door: the sink. Another door: the living room. You go out and you go in! And you look at the doors, are […]

Surely sometimes you forgot where you left the car keys or the house keys. That happens because you don’t have a specific place to leave them. And let’s not talk about the tragic day when everything goes wrong,  you are in a hurry and leaving the house you leave the keys inside. In this post, […]